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Our History

Baessler Homes was founded in 1968.  In 2012, Jamie & Sarah Baessler assumed stewardship of the company.  In 2017, the company was converted to The Baessler Group (TBG).  TBG is a public benefit corporation (PBC) and operates as a for-profit ministry with the primary focus of caring for the people that the Lord has brought to the company.  Ministry at TBG means “caring for the whole person” in all aspects of their life.  The for-profit products/services that we provide to the marketplace are valuable newly built homes.  These for-profit activities fund our commitment and calling to the ministry of caring for people.


Our Purpose defines why TBG exists as a company.  As a Kingdom company and a for-profit ministry, TBG will live in a way that honors God.  TBG does this according to Matthew 22:36-39 by loving God and loving others.  The Baessler Group, PBC: Statement of Faith in Action shall be the Corporation’s guide for what it looks like to love and honor God as a Kingdom company. Our public benefit statement is as follows:  Our primary purpose for existing as an organization is to reveal the Kingdom of God by loving and serving those we work with and caring for each person in all aspects of their life. 

Additionally, Passion is one of our twenty-one Leadership Characteristics at TBG. As a Leadership Characteristic we define Passion as follows: Intense desire in all aspects of L.I.F.E. which stands for us being generous with our Labor, Influence, Finances, and Expertise.  This greater view of generosity expands our opportunities to be generous in numerous ways with those in our community around us.  Below are some specific examples of how we have applied L.I.F.E as an organization.

Labor - Physical Talents
Influence - Relational Talents
Finances - Financial Resources
Expertise - Skills & Knowledge

Our Story

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Our Mission

Steward resources and profits from Baessler Homes to impact the world by caring for those in need with generosity and compassion. 

Actively share the resources of God to spread the Gospel and care for all peoples.  

Our Vision
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